Is any deposit blocked on the bank card when receiving a car?

When receiving a car a car rental company blocks the deposit amount on your card. Its amount is presented in the Mode of Payment section of the car rental conditions. If the deposit amount is not set in the clause, then the deposit amount is equal to the deductible amount given in the Insurance Coverage section. Please, pay your attention that the deposit is blocked in any case, even if you plan to buy insurance with a zero deductible.

How much time does it take for the insurance deposit to be unblocked?

Unblocking of the deposit amount is completed within 30 days from the car return.

Is it possible to give back a car in another city / another country?

When specifying search parameters uncheck the in the same place tick mark and specify the city in which you would like to give the car back. The search results will contain only those options that provide such a possibility.

Do I need an international driver’s license when renting a car in Europe?

If your driver’s license contains translation of information into English, such a license will normally be sufficient. However, it is better to have an international driver’s license to avoid problems when receiving a car.

Can I leave for neighboring countries by a rented car?

If you rent a car in Europe, in most cases you can cross boundaries of a euro-zone’s country. The possibility to leave for a neighboring country can be checked in the rental conditions by pressing the Price details button in the search results.

What is included in the car rental services when reserved via the cars4travel.com website?

Most of our offers contain the All included condition:

-             Cost of rental for the whole period of using a car;
-             Local taxes;
-             Insurance against damages (the deductive amount starts from €150);
-             No milage limitation;
-             Third party insurance (TPL with no deductive);
-             Airport charges;
-             Insurance against theft (TP, the deductive starts from €150);
-             24/7 client support;
-             24/7 support on the road by local car rental company;

You can check the exact list of the services included in the price in the rental conditions by pressing the Price details button in the search results.

I plan to rent a car in winter. Will a set of winter tires be provided?

All our partners provide cars for rental with seasonal tires only. This service may be an option in some cases, but it is activated by default and cannot be disabled.

What bank cards are accepted for car rental payment?

Bank cards acceptable for payment are presented in the Mode of Payment section of car rental conditions. Please, pay your attention to the fact that some offers contain the condition “payment by a credit or a debit card” and others – “payment by a credit card only”.

However, many banks actually issue credit cards with a zero credit limit instead of debit cards.

You can check the actual type of your card with its BIN number (the first six figures of the card) on the special website https://www.bindb.com/bin-database.html. If the search result shows card type: credit – the card is a credit one in fact.

What is the minimum allowed age of a driver?

When searching for offers, specify the driver’s age in the search parameters and you will be shown only those offers that provide car rental with an allowance for age.

However, you need to pay your attention to the rental conditions and a possible extra payment for a “younger driver”.

Why does the voucher contain a different model of a car from the one I have selected when booking?

Mostly, the class of cars is reserved, not a specific model. Therefore a car rental company may provide any replacement car of the same or higher class. This is also connected to the non-possibility to guarantee availability of a specific car, because it could get into a traffic accident or the previous renter prolonged his rental for some more days. You can check the correspondence of car classes in our Fleet section. Choose the relevant country and sort the cars by groups.